Friday, March 13, 2009

A note from my personal buddah...

"UGh I am SICK and tired of everyone freaking out over the ecomomy. so WHAT?! 

Destroy all the wealth, i don't fucking care. Yeah, i know it affects everyday people and not so much the the wealthy high class people, and yeah, the rich may get richer and the poor may get poorer, but I say, have some fucking GUTS and DEAL with it!!! 

What the hell are people made of these days?! Are all of these past couple generations a bunch of fucking pussies? It sounds like it. Maybe Gen Z will be forced to grow some fucking balls, and we'll restore some of that american spirit we're all so fond of.

I see this economy crisis as exciting!! Let's see what happens. So, tons of people lose their jobs, now what, let's see what creative ways we can fix it. Life is a all about process. We are animals with advanced brains. we have legs that can walk and hands that can make food come out of the ground. We will band together as human beings and figure this out together, because we have to. Because it is human instinct to want to survive, and we're not just all going to drop dead just because the economy sucks. we're going to do whatever it takes, amybe a lot of bad shit will happen, maybe a lot of good, but does it matter? 

This is what is happening now, so let's all adapt to the circumstances and adjust accordingly."

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